The Social NLP Lab: Understanding Language, Culture, and Society through Data

Our research lab is dedicated to the study of human language and its socio-cultural aspects through the lens of natural language processing, computational social science, social network analysis, and human-centered data science. We utilize a combination of computational methods and social science theories to analyze human-generated texts and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and complexities of human communication. Our research aims to uncover new insights and knowledge about the ways in which language shapes our social interactions and cultural practices.

Current Members

Layla Bouzoubaa

PhD (Information Science), Fall 2022-present

Aria Pessianzade

PhD (Information Science), Fall 2023-present

Elham Aghakhani

PhD (Information Science), Winter 2024-Present

Max Song

M.Sc. (Data Science)

Geeta Kukreja

M.Sc. (Computer Science)

Minh Trinh

B.Sc. (Economics & Data Science)

Samiha Zarin

B.Sc. (Computer & Data Science)